How will your money be utilized?

By sponsoring a campaign you will be helping purchase local supplies and medications in Haiti. We understand the importance of sourcing materials and medications in country when possible to stimulate economy and continue to support job creation. You will be helping deliver hand picked skilled medical specialists and staff to address the most pressing needs of the underserved. 

Sponsor a Campaign


Pediatric Care.


Help provide anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, and anti-malarial medications. Deliver teams of medical providers safely to the special needs pediatric population. Provide support to orphanages and their caretakers.

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Pediatric Donation


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Help provide job creation for a full time in home Haitian teacher to impart knowledge to a group of special needs orphans in Port Au Prince, Haiti. These children do not get to attend a traditional classroom due to their disabilities. 

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Education Donation


Hope Clinic.


Help support the tremendous effort of starting a medical clinic in the most impoverished region in the Western Hemisphere. Help provide medications for the pharmacy, supplies for the wound care clinic, and fund travel for the medical specialists.

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Hope Clinic Donation

Community Health Education.

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Help support the movement for Community Health Education in Port Au Prince Haiti. Supporting individuals in caring for their neighbors.

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Community Health Education Donation