Hope. Love. Perserverance. 

Bringing healthcare to those in need.  

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Raising up those who are less fortunate allowing them to flourish and do for themselves.

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Pediatric Care.

Our teams go into orphanages, schools, and villages to assess acutely ill pediatric patients. 

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Supporting Education 

Children are our future leaders. So many Haitian adults are never afforded an opportunity to learn basic reading and writing skills.  

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Hope Clinic, Cite Soleil

We are joining one of our partners in helping them open a clinic in the most impoverished location in the Western Hemisphere. Learn more about the vision for Hope Clinic.

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Bringing Health Education to the Community

Working along side Haitian families and medical providers, we bring up to date medical education focused on disease prevention. 

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Today’s children.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

A good foundation of health and education  is imperative for long term success of an individual.  Supporting these needs is in the forefront of what our non profit does. 

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Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

We are continually growing and expanding depending on the need of the individuals we meet with each encounter. A goal is to be consistent and calculated. We want to return and follow up with the individuals we helped on previous trips. Each year brings a new focus and new challenges. 

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